The Passion Project

“Who will take a stand against the vultures who swoop down to pick the flesh off the backs of defenseless families?”

The Passion Project is a vibrant and thought-provoking and inclusive re-imagining of the Passion of Christ devised by Brokentalkers in collaboration with community of Ballyfermot and Cherry Orchard.

Over two days in April 2017 Ireland’s housing crisis was played out across the streets and civic spaces of Dublin 10.

Devised over a six-month period and featuring a cast of over 100 local performers. The Passion Project shows the brutal reality of homelessness and explores themes of solidarity, sacrifice and redemption through the confrontation between an avaricious property developer and a young homeless woman who rallies the community to stand up and be heard.

The Passion Project was co-commissioned by Dublin’s Culture Connects and Dublin City Council and was produced by Ballyfermot Community Civic Center.

“this community, judging by their determined production, will shake heaven to be heard”  exeunt magazine