In this most unlikely of artistic collaborations, leading experimental theatre company Brokentalkers join forces with one of Ireland’s foremost traditional Irish musicians, Danny O’Mahony.

Danny has dedicated his life to the mastery of his instrument as well as to the preservation and performance of Irish traditional music.

Now, after 40 years of breathing life into centuries-old tunes to honour the memory of those who have come before him, this walking repository of an unquantifiable repertoire of ancient sonic heirlooms is finally taking a breath, a moment to stop and consider what this life long dedication has cost him.

Bellow is a new theatre performance exploring the weight of tradition, the capriciousness of memory and the artist’s need to express their true self.

Performed by Danny O ‘Mahony alongside Brokentalkers’ Gary Keegan and dancer Emily Kilkenny Roddy, Bellow fuses traditional music, electronic sound design, dance and new writing to heighten the tension between past and present, contemporary and traditional, preservation and progress.


🗓️Project Arts Centre – 21 Feb – 2 March | 7:45pm 

🗓️Droichead Arts Centre – 7 March | 8pm 

🗓️The Everyman – 12 & 13 March | 8pm