Performed by Adrienne Truscott and Feidlim Cannon MASTERCLASS deconstructs the construct of a ‘masterclass’, examining power, adoration and hierarchy within the arts world in order to explore the wider, global themes of political power, misogyny and gender.

Using a real life example of an unnamed divisive but celebrated playwright MASTERCLASS uses existing footage, publications and interviews. The performance takes the shape of a masterclass, an interview of said master and a post show discussion about a problematic work. Even in 2020 we see the power of male authorship operating with an unwavering level of entitlement, MASTERCLASS proposes the radical and uncomfortable idea that perhaps we lose nothing at all if we destroy the current status quo. 

Partners & Co-Producers

MASTERCLASS is created with funding from the Arts Council of Ireland and Dublin City Council. MASTERCLASS is a co-production with Project Arts Centre, Mermaid Arts Centre and Dublin Fringe Festival.